Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.  If you have other specific questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Have you read every single book that you recommend? 
Nope, not necessarily!  I read about 150-200 books a year, but I also do a lot of research in the publishing industry to get recommendations of books that I haven't already read from many trusted sources.

If you haven't read all the books you recommend, how can you guarantee that certain triggering content won't show up in a book? 
Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that.  I try my best to do a lot of research from trusted sources in the publishing industry, paying attention to trigger and content warnings, read lots of reviews on books, etc., but I cannot guarantee what books contain and how book content will impact you.  

I encourage you to practice good self-care while you read.  If content is triggering to you, stop the book and talk to a trusted person about your feelings.  If I know that a book is darker or has content that might be triggering (even if you haven't indicated that you are triggered by specific content), I will try my best to point that out so you can try to be in a safe state of mind to read that book. 

Can you guarantee that a book you recommend won't be too mature for my young person? 
I cannot guarantee this.  Maturity levels of young people are vastly different; many young people read well above their "age level."  I am a presenter of theater for young people and a director of a teen book festival, and I have also worked with ages 0-12 in a daycare setting, so I feel quite confident in my ability to recommend age-appropriate content.  I also pay very close attention to trusted sources int he publishing industry before recommending books for young people. 

That said, every parent/guardian has a different opinion of what content is age-appropriate for their young person.  If you are worried about the content your young person is consuming that I recommend, I highly encourage you to read the book prior to sharing it with your young person.  I cannot be held responsible for any reactions your young person might have to a book that you feel is age-inappropriate.  Parents/guardians should still do the parenting; I'll just recommend some new books based on your young person's interests and age range that I hope they will enjoy.